Douglas Owens-Pike used his early lawn care income to study ecology of plant communities. His first garden instructor was his grandmother, Tilly. Her extensive perennial gardens were a lab where he learned to ruthlessly prune shrubs and trees to benefit her mix of native plants with horticultural varieties.

Doug completed his bachelor of science degree at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay in environmental sciences (1976). He received his master of science degree from the University of Washington, College of Forest Resources, where he focused on plant ecology (1981). He spent the next few years working in the realms of public policy, public relations, and environmental education.

Douglas started EnergyScapes (1989) with the goal of creating beautiful landscapes that benefit people as well as our environment. EnergyScapes is now a full-service company that plans, transforms, and nurtures landscapes. Doug and the staff focus on native plants and healthier settings that use local materials whenever possible. Doug loves sharing the principles he has learned for saving time and money in our landscapes as he conveys his enthusiasm