About Invasive Species


USDA’s Invasive and Noxious Weeds

Department of Natural Resources


About beneficial insects

Effect of insecticides on helpful insects

Facebook: Beneficial insects

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SustainableSites.org, website that makes a case for sustainable landscapes.

learning center


A local agricultural extension service can be helpful, such as the Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series

Oregon State University. Oregon State University PRISM Climate Group. 2013.

Especially if you are new to your area, look up climate information for how many inches of rain or snow you can expect in an average year. This resource lists in its free products a matrix of 30 year average monthly and annual measurements.

US Department of Agriculture. 2012. “Plant Hardiness Zone Map.”

American Horticultural Society. 2012. “AHS Plant Heat Zone Map.”



Maplewood, Minnesota, government website has a good section about raingardens.

University of WI – Extension. 2003. “Raingardens: a how-to manual for homeowners.” UWEX Publication GW0037. R-06-03-5M-100-S. Available online.


Association of Professional Landscape Designers. 2012. An APLD “Guide to Sustainable Soils” pamphlet. Available online.

Plant Identification

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